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Norton offers you premium features to protect you from online viruses. This is one of the advanced protections of your device, and it's compatible with all the devices such as Mac, Android, and Windows. If you want to get this antivirus, you can visit the official website to get this excellent protection:

Steps to Download the Setup of Norton Antivirus

To download the Norton program setup, pursue these on-screen directions provided below:

  1. To start with, launch the preferred browser and look at the ''

  2. You should check for the 'Sign-In' button and click on it.

  3. Then give the correct details of the Norton account into the needed section.

  4. If you don't have an account for Norton, then make a new one.

  5. To make a fresh Norton account, give the name, email ID and password, date of birth.

  6. After completing the signing process, you will see two options prompts on the screen.

  7. You should select one of them, i.e., 'Download on another device' or 'Download on the device.'

  8. Thereafter, select 'Agree and Download.'

  9. You have to choose the 'Next' option and start the downloading method on the device.

  10. If you would like to download the Norton antivirus for a different device, select the 'Send a Download Link.'

  11. Now, you have to wait until you complete the downloading process.

Successful Method to Install the Norton Antivirus 

If you would like to install the Norton Antivirus, then abide by the given steps.

  1. Locate and hold on to your file to launch the setup of Norton software.

  2. Then, start the installation procedure by extracting the file.

  3. If you tackle the issues in extracting the setup, by then, there is a method by which you should be able to do it.

  4. Navigate to the Toolbar website page.

  5. Check for the Norton option.

  6. You should be able, without hesitation, to locate a button on the website page.

  7. Launch for extraction by selecting it.

  8. You will see a terms and conditions screen will come on the window.

  9. Read and select, 'I Agree.'

  10. Select the Verify to authenticate the installation.

  11. Now, wait to complete the process of installation.

Download and Install Norton Antivirus on Phone

If you would like to download and install Norton Antivirus on the phone, abide by the given steps.

  1. Reach the '' on the phone device.

  2. You should select My Account and select Sign-In.

  3. Then fill in the correct Sign-In details and hit the Sign-In button.

  4. Check for Norton from the mobile device within the pursuing list accordingly.

  5. Input the country code and contact number into the needed section.

  6. Go to the Next button to get the download link on the device.

  7. Once you get the link, select it and start the downloading method.

  8. You have to wait for some time until you finish the downloading method.

  9. Open the file of Norton installation and pursue the pop-up to install it.

  10. After finishing the installation process, Log-in into the account.

  11. Input the 25-character product key or PIN to activate the services.

  12. Finally, the device is secure.

Activate the Norton Antivirus 

If you wish to activate the Norton antivirus, then pursue the given instructions.

1.      Reach the Norton Software and twice-click on it on the device.

  1. To activate the software, find the Norton product key.

  2. When you buy from an online source, and you should be able, without hesitation, to locate it on the registered email ID.

  3. You can find the product key at the backside of the product package.

  4. Once you found the key, launch the browser and browse '' on the PC.

  5. Give the 25 alphanumeric characters activation key.

  6. Now, select the Activate button.

  7. Finally, check the terms and conditions correctly and finish the further instructions and protect the system.


Q. How long is the Norton free trial?

The Norton trial period is 30 days. It allows you to try the product of Norton for a month.

Q. Can I use Norton 360 on my iPhone?

Yes, the Norton 360 gives you security for iPad and iPhone devices.

Q. How do I get rid of the Norton pop-up on Windows 10?

Go to the Internet Explorer browser screen and choose the "Internet options" option. You should choose the ‘Privacy’ tab and hit the ‘Settings’ button beneath the "Pop-up Blocker" section. Choose the suspicious links beneath and erase them individually by selecting the ‘Remove’ option.